Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Care(Pogona Vitticeps)

The bearded dragon, or Pogona Vitticeps, is arguably one of the best types of lizards to have as a pet. Like humans, bearded dragons are awake during the day and sleep during the night, making it easy to interact with them. Bearded dragons are very alert and playful, demonstrating great enthusiasm over feeding time and especially chasing around crickets. They are very docile and friendly towards humans and other household pets and quickly become accustomed to being handled and petted by their owner. Bearded dragons get their name from the row of spiky scales beneath their head that resembles a beard when puffed up. Originating from the deserts of Australia, bearded dragons come in a wide variety of different colors. You can find them in colors ranging from darker browns and reds to lighter yellows and shades of white. They have triangular shaped heads and muscular flat bodies with rows of spikes down each side of their abdomens. Unlike other lizards, bearded dragons do not lose their tail when threatened, and if they do happen to lose their tail, it doesn’t grow back.
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