Dubia Roach

The adult Dubia roach is approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches in size and reaches maturity around five to eight months of age. Adult Dubia roaches make great feeders for larger reptiles. On average, an adult Dubia roach will live for 1-2 years, making them a great feeding option. Alternatively, you can use adult Dubia roaches to start your own Dubia Roach Colony. It’s a great way to save money on shipping costs or make extra money by selling dubia roaches to other reptile owners!

Start your own Dubia Roach Colony

Adult Dubia Roaches for Sale

Adult Dubia roaches are great for your larger Bearded Dragon and other large reptiles. Not only are they super delicious, they are also high in protein and provide a wide range of nutrients for your pet. They are the best food for larger Bearded Dragons because they help beardies stay happy and active. Feed your pet the most nutritious feeder insect on the market, order adult Dubia roaches for sale online from TopFlight Dubia today!

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