Dubia Roach

Blaptica Dubia are a medium sized species of the cockroach. Sometimes referred to as B Dubia, these roaches are primarily used as feeder insects for a variety of reptiles. They make great feeders because:

  • Blaptica aren’t great climbers, so they won’t escape tanks, terrariums or storage containers.
  • Blaptica Dubia roaches prefer a fruit & grain diet, making them easy to care for and maintain as a feeding source for your pet.
  • Adult Dubia Roaches can live up to 2 years, making it easy to buy a lot of them at once and maintain your own dubia colony.
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Blaptica are great feeder insects for your pet. Not only are they a delicious treat for many reptiles, they are also incredibly nutritious. They are high in protein and calcium while also being lower in fat than crickets. They have a weak exoskeleton and less chitin, making them easier for your pet to digest when compared to crickets.

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