Dubia Roach

Breeding Dubia roaches is easier than many people realize, but it does require dedication and effort. Learning how to breed Dubia roaches will allow you to be self-sufficient with your pet’s food source, give you complete control of their diet, and give you an endless supply of feeder roaches. Learn how to breed Dubia roaches with our quick overview!

How to Breed Dubia Roaches:

  1. Decide what you want out of your Dubia Roach Colony
    1. Think about how many dubia roaches you want to yield. This planning will help you determine how large of a colony you need for roach breeding.
  2. Get Prepared
    1. Once you get started with Dubia breeding, your colony size can grow exponentially very quickly. Start thinking about how you will scale the project if that is your goal. If that is not your goal, think about what steps you will take to maintain the colony at the size that you desire.
  3. Order your materials
    1. Dubia Roach Breeding Bins - You will need 3 bins per colony. Make sure they are containers with smooth sides so they are escape proof!
    2. Lids - These are not an absolute necessity, but will be nice to have if you decide that you need to separate your colony or stack the bins.
    3. Metal Screen - This will help create a ventilation system for your bins by creating ventilation holes and covering them with the metal screen.
    4. Heat Source - Dubia Roach Colonies yield the best results when they are kept in a temperature-controlled room. 80º-90º F is the optimal temperature for breeding Dubia roaches.
    5. Food & Water Supplies - Dubia breeding requires fuel! Make sure that you are providing adequate nutrition and water to your Dubia roach breeders.
    6. Thermometer - This will allow you to maintain the optimal breeding temperature for your colony. A simple battery-powered thermometer with a probe will do!
    7. Hygrometer - This tool will help you monitor and maintain the humidity. Dubia roach breeding requires humidity ranges between 40-50%.
  4. Set up your Dubia Roach Breeding Colony
    1. Make sure to stock your colony with the correct ratio of Dubia breeders. We recommend a 3:1 ratio of female dubia roaches to male dubia roaches.
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Breeding Dubia Roaches for Sale

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