Dubia Roach

Ordering bulk Dubia roaches is a great way to save money while simultaneously ensuring that your pet always has the nutritious food that it needs. At TopFlight Dubia, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality bulk dubia roaches for sale online.

Dubia roaches are a great feeder insect to buy in bulk because they live for 1-2 years, so you can maintain them for a long time! Unlike crickets, Dubia roaches do not smell terribly when they die, making their maintenance much less painful. Bulk Dubia roaches also don’t require very much maintenance. Simply clean their container every two weeks and provide fresh fruits and vegetables for your bulk dubia roaches to ensure that you always have a fresh feeder insect for your pet.

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Bulk Dubia Roaches for Sale

Dubia roaches are arguably the best feeder insect available. They are high in protein and calcium, plus they are easy for your pet to digest thanks to their soft exoskeleton. Treat your pet to the most nutritious food available. Order bulk Dubia roaches from TopFlight Dubia today!

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