Dubia Roach

Dubia feeder roaches are a popular feeder insect for a variety of reptiles. Dubia feeders are the perfect nutrition source or treat for your pet because they are high in protein and calcium, but low in fat. Meaning that they will provide your pet with the nutrition that they need without all of the extra stuff that they don’t!

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Dubia Feeders

Dubia feeders are a very popular choice when it comes to food for bearded dragons. Beardies love dubia roaches as a treat or a meal! You can add even more nutritional value to dubia feeders by dusting them additional vitamins and minerals to guarantee that your pet is getting everything that they need to stay healthy and active!

The other benefit of Dubia feeder roaches is that they are easy to maintain and don’t smell too horribly when they die, making it easy for you to buy a lot of them at once without much risk. It’s easy to maintain your own dubia colony, so you can have enough Dubia feeder roaches on hand at any time!

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