Whether you own a gecko, chameleon or other type of reptile, knowing how to properly feed them can prevent unwanted health issues down the road. One way to keep your reptile healthy is by feeding them high-quality Dubia roach feeder insects. While Dubia roaches aren't very expensive, pet owners can benefit tremendously by starting their own Dubia roach colony. Set up is more than buying shelter and food, however, so you must be well-informed before you start breeding. In this article, we'll look at what you need to know to create a Dubia roach colony setup and begin breeding Dubia Roaches.

As the name implies, all feeder insects serve the same purpose: to be fed as a meal or snack to all kinds of reptiles! While there are many insects to choose from with their own set of nutritional perks, including crickets and waxworms, Dubia roaches are one of the best options. Not only are these insects flavorful for the reptiles that consume them, but Dubia roaches offer the following three benefits:

  • Dubia roaches contain high levels of calcium.
  • Other feeder insects are more fattening than Dubia roaches.
  • They contain a significant amount of protein.

Unlike traditional pets such as cats and dogs, reptiles require more attention for adequate care. While our furry companions can simply chow down on a bag of kibble, reptiles like crested geckos, Pacman frogs and veiled chameleons feast mostly on feeder insects which require their own maintenance. And since Dubia roaches are low in fat while being high in calcium and protein, many pet owners choose them over other bugs. Additionally, Dubia roaches can live for almost two years, allowing people to purchase them in bulk or start their own Dubia roach colony. Set up is relatively easy, but it involves careful planning, some knowledge and plenty of time and resources.

Are you interested in breeding Dubia roaches? We've got you covered. In this article, we'll run through some of the steps you must take to keep your colony running smoothly within your home.

How Many Dubia Roaches Do You Want?

Before getting your Dubia roach colony set up, you must consider the amount of roaches you realistically need to feed your reptile. Having too many Dubia roaches isn't necessarily a problem, especially if you have a few pets to feed. In fact, leopard geckos are roughly 8 inches long and can eat about 16 roaches every couple of days. However, if you have too many Dubia roaches and they breed with each other, you may wind up with hundreds on hand, meaning you'll need a lot of bins to hold them. If you're trying to save money by breeding instead of purchasing roaches every time you need them, this isn't an issue, especially if you have the room to keep them. But, understandably for some people, keeping a lot of bins isn't easy, and you don't want to turn your colony into a full-time job.

When you're ready to start creating your Dubia roaches breeding setup, we recommend you purchase a low amount of insects to ensure that you don't accidentally overpopulate. A fair amount to begin with is 25 female and 8 male adult Dubia roaches. This will leave you with a 3:1 ratio of females to males, which is ideal to avoid any type of competition from the males.

Materials Needed for a Dubia Roach Colony Setup

After you've thought about how many insects you want inhabiting your Dubia roach colony, set up your home with some essential materials to create a thriving environment. Ideally, you'll want about three bins with tightly-fitting lids for each colony. But you'll also need to make sure that your bins are properly ventilated; without this, you'll wind up with many dead Dubia roaches. To optimize ventilation, take some time to poke moderately sized holes in the lids of your bins and then cover them with a metal screen. This will keep your Dubia roaches from escaping the colony while also allowing them to breathe more easily. You can then stack these bins to house your insects in an organized manner. If you have a large room, this is extra helpful as you'll still have plenty of space to move and access the bins.

Other Things to Consider for a Dubia Roach Colony Setup

For any Dubia roach colony, set up entails more than purchasing the roaches and creating bins to hold them. You must also have an understanding of their diet and temperature requirements. Otherwise, your roaches may become unhealthy, malnourished and unable to provide your reptile with a full amount of nutrients. Here are some additional criteria to consider for your Dubia roach colony:

Hygrometers and Thermometers

As we mentioned, the temperature of your colony is crucial to keeping your Dubia roaches healthy and able to breed. However, the humidity of their home is also very important. Wherever you decide to hold your colonies, be sure to add a thermometer and hygrometer to the room to check in periodically and make adjustments to the heat or humidity. The humidity should never exceed more than 50%, and the temperature should ideally stay between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Sources

Your Dubia roaches are going to get thirsty, so your bins should be well-stocked with water dishes that are easily accessible to insects of all sizes. With each Dubia roach colony setup, one small dish should be placed in the most convenient location of the bin. These dishes should have sides that each of your roaches can walk over with no issues.

Gut Loading and Dusting

To ensure that your reptiles receive the complete nutritional benefits associated with eating Dubia roaches, your insects must be fed with the right type of food. This process, also known as gut loading, requires you to feed your Dubia roaches a low-protein diet of carrots, spinach and other foods a couple of days before you feed them to your reptiles. But, you can also consider dusting the Dubia roaches with vitamin powders to get your pet its nutrients.

Create a Top-Tier Dubia Roach Colony

Now that you have a better idea of what goes into a Dubia roach colony, set up a room in your home and start breeding! At Topflight Dubia, we have the largest selection of healthy roaches to help you build your own Dubia roach colony right away. Whether you're an expert who's interested in large packages that include 200 female and 60 male roaches, or you'd prefer 10 females and 4 males to get your feet wet, we have plenty of options available depending on your needs. If you have questions about Dubia roaches breeding, setup or anything related to reptile care, feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be glad to assist you.

Create Your Dubia Roach Colony Setup Today

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