Dubia Roaches Live Long

Dubia roaches live for one to two years, making it easy to buy larger quantities at once. Crickets, by comparison, can quickly outgrow the feeding size for your tarantulas, chameleons, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and other pets. Crickets grow from eggs to adults in five to six weeks.

Dubia Roaches Don’t Escape

Dubia roaches can’t climb and jump like crickets, especially in plastic tubs or glass containers where the walls are slick. This greatly lessens the risk of roaches escaping and causing issues for everyone in your house!

Dubia Roaches Don’t Smell

When crickets die, they have a horrible smell. You do have to clean your dubia roach containers at least every two weeks to switch out your egg crates, discard any rotting fruits or vegetables, and get rid of any dead roaches. Dead dubia roaches do not have a strong odor, which makes cleaning their containers a lot less painful.

Dubia Roaches are a Great Source of Protein

While crickets do have more protein and less fat than most other feeders, dubia roaches are superior. They are high in calcium in addition to having more protein than crickets, and they also have a lower fat content. Dubia roaches tend to be easier for your pets to digest because they have a weaker exoskeleton than crickets (less chitin).

U.S. Shipping

We are one of the few companies to have a USDA APHIS permit to legally ship dubia roaches in the U.S. Topflight Dubia is a family-owned business in Pearland, Texas, just a few miles outside of Houston. We work hard to raise the healthiest, liveliest, and most nutritious feeders on the market. And, our central location in Texas makes shipping costs to all points in the country much more affordable. We pass those savings on to you!

Customer Services

Our customers are so important to us, and we appreciate your business! We're here to help you every step of the way. Reach out to us with any dubia roach questions - we're heard them all!

Stress Free Shopping

You have our word that if your dubia roaches arrive dead, we will replace them, free of charge. We offer this live guarantee for any of our valued customers who live in an area that does not drop below 50 degrees F or get hotter than 90 degrees F. We recommend having your order held at your local post office for pickup to help prevent premature dubia roach deaths.