You’ve purchased your first lot of dubia roaches! Now what? Whether you’re breeding them or holding onto them until you feed them out to other animals, storing and keeping dubia roaches couldn’t be any easier. Read on for our helpful guide on how to store dubia roaches.

Dubia roaches are mostly flightless insects native to tropical parts of Central and South America. Unable to invade or infest your home, they are quickly becoming the No. 1 choice when it comes to feeder insects.

Dubia roaches aren’t able to climb smooth surfaces, so many people choose to store them in large, opaque, plastic storage totes, which can be purchased at many retail stores. The totes can be easily modified if you choose to keep a lid attached, although most would consider it to be unnecessary. If you choose to add a lid when keeping dubia roaches, replace the top with some sort of mesh or wire to give your roaches airflow. Without ventilation, leftover food can mold inside their enclosure due to the stagnant air.

Keeping Dubia Roaches

Since substrate isn’t necessary, many keepers who know how to store dubia roaches opt for egg flats, cardboard egg cartons, cardboard tubes and even newspaper to provide hiding and climbing areas for their roaches inside of their enclosures. The paper/cardboard isn’t harmful if eaten by the roaches, and the textured sides allow for the roaches to grip onto the edges.

Although the males have wings, they are unable to fly. Nevertheless, do not stack the flats higher than the top of the enclosure, otherwise the roaches can and will escape

Keeping dubia roaches between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, however the warmer they are, the quicker they will grow. Many keep their dubias in a garage or spare closet where the temperatures will be slightly warmer than the rest of the house.

Always be sure that food and water are available in dishes shallow enough for the roaches to easily climb in and out of. Offering water crystals or vegetables (such as potatoes or carrots) or both are excellent ways of keeping dubia roaches hydrated. The dishes prevent food and water from soaking into your roaches' droppings and surroundings. Do not just simply put a dish of water into the enclosure, as the roaches will drown.

Some dealers offer a commercial roach chow, while others choose to feed their roaches things like oats, veggies and fruit scraps. Take care to remove any uneaten or molded fruit after a day or so to prevent unwanted pests and excessive dampness from entering their enclosure.

Keep Healthy and Nutritious Dubia Roaches On Hand To Feed Your Pets!

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